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New York Fashion Week is upon us. This marathon of events is one of the busiest times of the year for supermodels like Winnie Harlow. It's a packed week with shows, events, and photoshoots and that's on top of everything else Winnie already has going on. The entrepreneur has her own skincare line, Cay Skin  which is all about prioritizing sun protection as a part of your daily beauty routine. Ahead of Fashion Week, Winnie dropped her latest Cay Skin product, the Deepwater Lip Mask.

Deepwater Lip Mask


The Cay Skin Deepwater Lip Mask takes hydration to another level, which is something we all need, whether we're supermodels or not. In an exclusive E! interview, Winnie reflected on starting her own brand, shared insights on her new product, and divulged the beauty must-haves she's packing for fashion week...

E!: What was the gap in the market that you looked to fill when you created CAY SKIN?

WH: I couldn't find a sunscreen that made me look my best and made me feel like I wanted to wear sunscreen and I have tried a lot. They never looked the best on my skin. I'm also not really a tinted moisturizer type of girl because I need my moisturizer to blend into both skin tones on my face.

When it came to SPF in general, I just would always get a white cast from them, or blue cast or it just didn't look good. Sunscreen felt weird, sticky, and icky. I wanted to create an SPF line that was for everyone under the sun, but then I also wanted to wear a sunscreen I could easily incorporate into my skincare routine.

E!: Talk to me about how you are changing the perception of suncare

WH: I think a lot of times people think of suncare as just like going to the beach or being on vacation, but it's more than that. That's the mindset I want to help change. The sun is always out, No matter what the weather is like, can get sun damage from the UV rays. SPF is not just for the beach or just for travel. It's for every day. It is the most important step in skincare.

E!: Talk to me about your newest launch, the Deepwater Lip Mask and how does it compare to other lip masks on the market?

WH: We have the Isle Lip Balm SPF 30, which is amazing to use every single day to protect your lip from the sun, but I also love to have a super moisturizing lip mask to wear as well to just replenish that moisture that's lost from the sun.

Everything that I created when it came to Cay Skin was to do the opposite of what the sun does. The sun draws moisture out of your skin and you get super dry and ashy. So, everything is very moisture rich and hydrating with beautiful oils to replenish the skin after you have been in the sun all day."

E!: What is a beauty product that you always buy at least two of?

WH: Everything. You know why? I like to keep my travel bag packed because I travel so much. So, I love to keep one in my drawers so I don't have to always unpack and repack and then things don't get forgotten as well when they're always just packed.

E!: Before you leave the house, especially during Fashion Week, what's the one beauty product that you put on before you leave?

WH: I would say:

Isle Lip Balm for sure.


cay skin lip balm



+ Cay Skin Isle Glow Face Moisturizer with SPF 45 and Niacinamide

"I have to have the Isle Glow Face Moisturizer because when you're backstage, at shows, obviously you're doing your makeup. Then, you have to take it off for the next show. When you remove your makeup, you have to reapply your SPF."

Cay Skin Face Lotion

This product has 11.1K+ "Loves" from Sephora customers.


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