Cay Skin Isle Glow


The Celebrity: Winnie Harlow

The Face Moisturizer: Cay Skin Isle Face Glow Lotion SPF 45 ($32)

DeuxMoi's Verdict: "First of all, this product had me at 'glow.' I want to look glowy. When it first comes out of the pump, it has a nice, mousse texture and it's also tinted. It almost looks like concealer, but then when you blend it onto your face, the color melts away and it leaves behind this sheer, even coverage.

The smell gives me vacation vibes 100 percent, and the bottle reminds me of vintage suntan lotion. The number one thing my dermatologist tells me is to wear sunscreen every day, and this product gives me a glow, slight coverage, and SPF. That's a triple threat right there. It's genius."

Best For: No-makeup days

Isle Glow Face