Free Shipping + Deluxe Mini Orders $40+
Free Shipping + Deluxe Mini Orders $40+

We believe you can be good to your skin while being kind to the planet. That’s why Cay Skin is committed to creating a new standard of sun care that has a positive environmental impact. Here’s how!


While we do suncare and skincare so well, we understand there are others who do sustainability well. We’re Certified CarbonNeutral® (Certificate Number: CN20220210314), and committed to partnering with environmental, non-profit organizations to minimize our carbon footprint.

cay skin recycling


We believe all shades are beautiful. Including green.

Today, 75% of our primary product packaging is made up of at least 30% post-consumer recycled content. All that means is that we love giving a second life to recycled goods! All of our secondary cartons and shippers have met the gold standard on ethical production made from 100% FSC-certified (or responsibly managed forests) paperboard.


You’ve heard of reincarnation, right?

Well, we want to give each of our product packaging a second… third… zillionth life. That’s why we make it super easy to find out how to properly recycle your packaging on product pages.