Press Love for Cay Skin and Winnie Harlow

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    People Magazine

    Winnie Harlow's weightless spray nourishes skin with seaweed. 
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    “Worth it!! This is the best SPF mist I’ve ever used, no joke. I love the way it feels on my skin and it’s fast drying with no white cast. 10/10 must have for this summer.”
  • Women's Health

    Women's Health

    Once bullied because of her vitiligo, Winnie Harlow now inspires women around the globe to embrace their skin.

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    The 10 Best Products with SPF of 2023, Tested and Reviewed.

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    Refinery 29

    "I want SPF to become something that you want to wear because you need to wear it. It’s not something that’s an option. I want to make it about beauty."

  • Kyle Kuzma & Winnie Harlow Take a Couples Quiz

    Kyle Kuzma & Winnie Harlow Take a Couples Quiz

    GQ Sports puts NBA star Kyle Kuzma and Winnie Harlow's relationship to the test. Can Kyle name the childhood teddy bear Winnie still has?
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