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Press Love for Cay Skin and Winnie Harlow

  • winnie harlow lip balm

    Refinery 29

    "I want SPF to become something that you want to wear because you need to wear it. It’s not something that’s an option. I want to make it about beauty."

  • Kyle Kuzma & Winnie Harlow Take a Couples Quiz

    Kyle Kuzma & Winnie Harlow Take a Couples Quiz

    GQ Sports puts NBA star Kyle Kuzma and Winnie Harlow's relationship to the test. Can Kyle name the childhood teddy bear Winnie still has?
  • winnie harlow jennifer hudson

    Winnie on The Jennifer Hudson Show

    Winnie talks to Jennifer Hudson about her childhood, her Jamaican heritage, and - of course - Cay Skin.
  • Cay Skin Isle Glow


    DeuxMoi: This product gives me a glow, slight coverage, and SPF. That's a triple threat right there. It's genius.
  • winnie harlow today show

    Winnie Harlow on The Today Show

    On She Made It, Winnie talks to Jill Martin about her parents, influences, and what motivated her to create Cay Skin.
  • Winnie Harlow Sherri Show

    Winnie Harlow on The Sherri Show

    Winnie Harlow talks about walking the runway, modeling, her vitiligo, and—of course—Cay Skin.
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