Press Love for Cay Skin and Winnie Harlow

  • winnie harlow jennifer hudson

    Winnie on The Jennifer Hudson Show

    Winnie talks to Jennifer Hudson about her childhood, her Jamaican heritage, and - of course - Cay Skin.
  • Cay Skin Isle Glow


    DeuxMoi: This product gives me a glow, slight coverage, and SPF. That's a triple threat right there. It's genius.
  • winnie harlow today show

    Winnie Harlow on The Today Show

    On She Made ItWinnie talks to Jill Martin about her parents, influences, and what motivated her to create Cay Skin.
  • Winnie Harlow Sherri Show

    Winnie Harlow on The Sherri Show

    Winnie Harlow talks about walking the runway, modeling, her vitiligo, and—of course—Cay Skin.
  • winnie harlow


    A Look at Some of the Most Business Savvy Black Supermodels. The catwalk isn't the only space they're dominating — these models are conquering the boardroom as well.
  • vanity fair

    Vanity Fair

    This elegant formula functions as an after-sun lotion, replete with aloe vera stem cells to soothe sun-stressed skin.
Winnie Harlow Grammys

Our Favorite Artist Meets Our Favorite Lip Balm